Claude Debussy
12 Préludes pour piano
Book II
Cecilia Li, piano
Price € 20

Published 2004 by
shiuling records

also available at:
DaCapo Klassik


Silence over the (interposed) tones of the music.

Each prélude is its own world, building a cyclic network. Building up to a tableau vivant.
The caesuras between the préludes are clearly defined rests. The live balance is preserved.
A continuous, minute differentiation in the playing. Exploring the musical structure, restructuring. Opening modes of listening that may strike new resonances in the audience.
(Cecilia Li)

…Cecilia Li’s interpretation of the 12 Préludes pour piano, Book II by Claude Debussy shows clearly that she is entirely at home with Debussy’s world. She develops an impressively rich array of nuances, makes ample use of differences in shades of sounds and awes the audience with the brilliance of her artistry. I consider this recording one of the best interpretations that I know.
(Meira Farkas, concert pianist)

„…we find them well done interpretatorically, acoustically and optically.“
(Bayer Music Group)

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