Erik Satie
Hommage à Erik Satie
Cecilia Li, piano
Price € 20
Cover painting by Uta Peyrer
Published 2004 by
shiuling records

also available at:
DaCapo Klassik Vienna

iTunes and Apple Music Homage to Erik Satie by Cecilia Li

A sequence of musical pieces: – the recurrence of sounds as meditation. Sounds recurring as poems.

(Cecilia Li)

My artistic approach to the recording is an uncut version to keep the musical flow as authentic as possible.
(Cecilia Li)

The same holds true for her Hommage à Erik Satie. Here, too, she completely immerses herself in Satie’s world and delivers a convincing, colourful interpretation with a meditative approach.
(Meira Farkas, concert pianist)

„…we find them well done interpretatorically, acoustically and optically.“
(Bayer Music Group)

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