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Cecilia Li, piano
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Published 2011 by
shiuling records

Joseph Haydn: Sonata in F Major, Hob. XVI:23
I. Allegro moderato
II. Larghetto adagio
III. Finale presto
Domenico Scarlatti:   Sonata in F Minor, K 466, L118
David Lang: “cello” from “memory pieces” for solo piano
Franz Schubert: from “Drei Klavierstücke” no. 3, Allegretto
Philip Glass: “Metamorphosis Two” for solo piano
Total time: 47’02‘

Audio sample Haydn: Sonata in F Major, Hob. XVI:23 I. Allegro moderato

Audio sample Franz Schubert: no. 3 from „Drei Klavierstücke“

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Using the Power of Thought

„Sometimes something special comes along and is not discovered by the wider public. One such phenomenon is the Viennese pianist Cecilia Li. Originally from Taipei , she attended Salzburg ’s Mozarteum, then studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna . Today she lives and works in the centre of the Austrian capital. Listening to her Haydn (F Major, Hob. XVI:23) or to Schubert’s E Major Piano Sonata it is clear that she has that she has absorbed the local sensibility with every fibre of her body. Alongside a stately precision, Li’s touch has a delicate vein which encourages listeners to pay attention, continually making them prick up their ears. Baroque pearls by Domenico Scarlatti and the spherical, repetitive modernity of David Lang or Philp Glass combine to form an intelligent whole. Metamorphosis Two by Glass not only marks the end of the recital; it is a statement about the continual need for change. In the soft clusters of contemporary music Cecilia Li catches piano music’s continual transformation. Yes, it is worth letting yourself fall, worth listening and thinking along.“
(Daniel Wagner, Wiener Zeitung, ProgrammPunkte, 4-10 February 2012, p.5.)

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